quarta-feira, 6 de julho de 2011

Lost Joomla admin password / correct password doesn't work?

by Ricardo Goldbach

Two easy fixes to very common issues:

1. To reset a fogotten admin password, just login at phpMyAdmin, select your application database and run the command

UPDATE  jos_users 
   SET  password='e6053eb8d35e02ae40beeeacef203c1a' 
  WHERE name='Administrator';

This is the MD5 hash string corresponding to "newpass", your new admin password. Don't forget to change it to a safe one as soon as you log in.

2. If the admin login panel starts recycling without granting access -- but not issuing "wrong user/password" message, just check the "Authentication - Joomla" and "User - Joomla!" rows, at the "jos_plugins" table. Both should have "1" at "published" column.