quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2015

How my XT1543 was turned into another brick in the (growing) wall - A Motorola OTA update story

5 steps to suicide:

1. After downloading and authorizing last OTA upgrade (battery initially at 86%, USB plugged most of the time), next reboot went to TRWP (I've forgotten to restore stock recovery).

2. Issue 1 solved, next OTA update issued unsuccesful upgrade message when system restarted.

3. After flashing just the 5 system.img sparsechunks via adb fastboot, Nova Launcher came alive(!) and this time, opposite to step 2, system settings assessed that the new LPI23.72-43 version was in place, although Wifi refused to turn on.

4. To have my Wifi back, I decided to take the whole roundtrip and fastbooted all the files listed in flashfile.xml.

5. Now I have a hefty paper weight with no bootloader, that identifies itself as "QHSUSB_BULK" when connected to a Win7 box and doesn't heat as usual when plugged to a wall charger.

There must be something wrong with the *.img files; otherwise, gazillions wouldn't be wading through forums around the world in a quest for the unbricking formula.