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Beware, Zorpia scamming ahead - Cuidado, golpe do Zorpia à frente

by Ricardo Goldbach
Centuries have passed, Occam Razor still rules: Zorpia is definitely a spamming site. That' s the most simple and straightforward conclusion accounting for the spam spree fueled by Jeffrey Ng and his bad-famed, Hong-Kong based, so-called "social network", when one faces the evidences.
I've just received an e-mail from Zorpia as for some gorgeous babe having left me a message. Out of the blue, just as recommended on "Scamming 101". And, yes, I would have to go to the site address and login in order to read it. As a rule of thumb, I googled the scamming operation site's name and confirmed my first thoughts: either Zorpia is the like of another Badoo’s scamming engine or the 1.000th doomed Facebook wannabe.

C. Custer, at Tech In Asia Online Community, carried out a thorough investigative job,  comprising even personal e-mail exchange with Ng, who assured he was a good guy and unaware of  complaints. Faced with factual and solid evidences, Ng replied that "even if we assume there were 500 complaints, that represents a complaint to user ratio of only 0.0018%”. I say thousands of users and negative reviews (and still counting) dispute that claim.

One of the zillion samples out there

Wikipedia entry for the stenchy operation denounces this guy's evildoings: “Account deletion requests are not honoured and [people's] data is continuously used for outbound invitations”.
An eyebrow raise goes to the fact that Zorpia doesn’t seem to face ban issues in China. Huh? Facebook and Twitter do, but Zorpia doesn't?
Moral Decency in doing business Sheer greed Privacy concerns set aside, just figure out the mess a “friend invitation” — especially if attached to the profile picture of a smiling beauty — could bring to a jealous wife/fiancee/girlfriend’s paranoid mind. I don’t need to think about it, as I’ve been there and seen that. You really don’t need that pain in the ass; just go get yourself another wife/fiancee/girlfriend. Or not. Life goes on.

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