quarta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2013

NSA-ruled UK dumps the rule of law

by Ricardo Goldbach

Meanwhile in a former western democracy, a time machine sends David Miranda back to 1984, as government officials issue an ad hoc regulation:

A hat tip goes to Glenn Greenwald:
If the goal of the UK in detaining my partner was - as it now claims - to protect the public from terrorism by taking documents they suspected he had (and why would they have suspected that?), that would have taken 9 minutes, not 9 hours. Identically, the UK knew full well that forcing the Guardian UK to destroy its hard drives would accomplish nothing in terms of stopping the reporting: as the Guardian told them, there are multiple other copies around the world. The sole purpose of all of that, manifestly, is to intimidate. As the ACLU of Massachusetts put it:
"The real vengeance we are seeing right now is not coming from Glenn Greenwald; it is coming from the state."

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