domingo, 2 de novembro de 2014

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini: insufficient storage available issue [solved]

by Ricardo Goldbach

Going straight to the bottom line:

1. At the Link2SD UI, select "Settings" (at the upper right corner):

2. At the next screen, choose "Install location":

3. At the next screen, choose "Internal". From this point on, new apps will be stored at the external card, though referenced by a symbolic link stored at the internal storage:

4. With plenty of internal storage space available, you are ready to go; all your new apps will be seen and managed by Android as "Linked -> SD Card":

Previously installed apps can also be linked, thus freeing more valuable estate:


For Link2SD to work, your secondary SD card partition must be formatted as "primmary" (instead of "logical"), preferable as Ext4. I strongly recommend the use of "Mini Tool Partition Wizard Home Editionfor the partitioning/formatting task.

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