quarta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2014


by Ricardo Goldbach

My response to an "all Ferguson need is love" flavored article published at LinkedIn


So Michael Brown case is closed, after a jury of not that much peers – as St. Louis demographics clearly depicts -- issued the verdict. And that inevitably brings to my mind the slaughtering of Kajieme Powell, also perpetrated by police officers, less than 4 miles away from the spot where Brown was slayed, just ten days having passed.

On Aug 19, 2014, two trigger happy officers obeyed to a Powell's bravado, "Come on, shoot me!", and emptied their magazines at him. Just to make sure orders were strictly followed, four more bullets were shot after Powell was already down. Then, adding corpse desecration to the first crime, one officer turns the laying body around so as to comply to a handcuffing standard procedure. It was all caught on tape. I'm eager to see what 00America, with its widespread license to kill, has to say about that. Facts are not that arguable nor that prone to be twisted as in Brown's case. I'm waiting to see if vere is dictum.

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